Buying from 1688 in 4 steps

  • Simply provide products info
  • Pay products fee and we start the buying
  • Products arrive at our warehouse
  • Pay international shipping fee and ship out order


Type Description

We are your trusted people in China, located in Shenzhen, we offer the products purchase service on website for our customers, as if you were asking your friend to make purchases for you.


1. Order the products through our page.

2. We buy them for you

3. We receive and package them

4. We ship it to your country

"As simple as that"

Cost of our services?

Our commissions are applied to the total amount in CNY that you buy, to consult the current commissions please enter in the following link.

Payment Methods

We currently accept Paypal, international bank transfer and Western Union.

Cost for storage

We are friends for which the first month of storage of your products is free, after this month we will charge you 300 CNY per cubic meter per month or its proportional part.

What else?

You just discovered the secret of buying from China, you have just arrived at the gold mine.

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